Tifosy Crowd Funding Plaques

Tifosy Crowd Funding PlaquesTifosy Crowd Funding Plaques

We were commissioned by Portsmouth Football club to produce and fit name plaques at the clubs newly acquired training ground, each person who bought a plaque paid £250.00 towards the Tifosy crowd funding campaign, there were lots of various 'rewards' you could earn by donating money to the campaign, this wall was part of that, in all an amazing £270,000 was raised.


In 2014, Tifosy ran an incredibly successful campaign, raising a staggering £270,000 for Portsmouth FC's academy. It was the largest football crowdfunding project in the UK.

Portsmouth FC is an incredibly unique club in England, with huge support throughout not only the city but also the country. The likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho have all expressed their admiration for the buzzing atmosphere they experienced at the home of Portsmouth FC, Fratton Park.

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